Custom Splinting Swainsboro, GA

Custom Splinting

Custom splints orthoses are constructed by Occupational therapists. They can be made from a thermoplastic material that is heated in warm water and molded to custom fit each individual. These custom splints/orthoses can be used to rest or protect a painful joint, give stability to increase pain-free functional use or to increase pain-free motion in a stiff joint.

All custom splints/orthoses can be adjusted to accommodate changes in swelling or motion or healing stages that will lead to compliance with splint wear and a more successful outcome.

Common diagnoses that may require a splint include fractures, dislocations, strained ligaments, torn muscles, arthritis, burns, nerve injuries, repetitive strain disorders, and after surgery.

Common reasons to use splint are to increase functional use of arm or hand, increase or maintain range of motion, neuromuscular re-education, protect healing of fractures, tendons or nerves, relieve pain and prevent or correct deformities.

The advantages of custom fabricated splints are:

  • Removable for wound care, bathing or gentle exercises if appropriate
  • Easily adjusted if uncomfortable
  • Any position request can be achieved with low-temperature plastic
  • Able to clean as needed
  • Can get wet

Fabricated splints may be static, dynamic, or static progressive. Static splints are often used to put part or all of the elbow, wrist, and hand at rest so that disease or injured tissue can be supported and undergo uninterrupted healing. Dynamic or static progressive splints are used to add mobilizing tension to influence tissue healing and scar maturation, minimizing the development of restrictive scar tissue that is so detrimental to tendon excursion and normal joint motion.

At a splint appointment, the physical therapist at Victory Therapy & Wellness will get a brief history from the patient, and then the splint is fabricated during the appointment based on the physician order and patient diagnosis. Typically, the splint is completed by the end of the appointment.

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